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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  February 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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well, good luck. thank you. ashley: you'll be traveling in this. liam: you're gonna put me in a box? ashley: just long enough to ship you to southern mexico. liam: you're insane. ashley: i'm not insane. i'm doing this for you. captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by ford. go further. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the streets. a bright idea in san jose. the plan to fight crime without
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adding extra officers on the streets. plus, the uc santa cruz campus on alert tonight. we'll show you the rapist they're looking for. and a new motive for the sandy hook shooter. the other mass murderer he was trying to emulate. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the lights went out to cut costs. now they're coming back on to cut crime. in one of the bay area's biggest cities. kpix 5 linda yee joins us with their bright idea. >> yes, but it turned out to be not so good. and they also picked some of the streets and the neighborhoods where there is a main artery, that proved to be a problem. 900 street lights were turned off saving the city nearly $100,000 a year in energy bills. but when darkness fell, some people felt there were
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prisoners in their own neighborhood. >> it is kind of scary because you can't always see what's going on. and because we are, you know, we don't want to be too far from the house because it was dark. >> reporter: the blackout caused problems. >> we have seen a rise in graffiti in certain areas. a lot of property crime. one thing that the streets are relying on is streets from the property. it's not acceptable. we need street lights to get turned back on. >> reporter: they will eventually bring all the lights back on. they will be fazed in at around it 00 -- 200 lights a moh. >> we have a rising crime problem. we need to do everything we can to put a damper on it and turning lights on is the simplest way to start. >> reporter: city leaders
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figure it'll take four months to get all 900 lights back on. and they do cause some of those lights to keep going out. live in san jose, linda yee, cbs news 5. learning new details about what motivated sandy hook school shooter adam lanza. bob orr tells us that lanza was competing with another mass killer. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say adam lanza saw himself as being in direct composition with another man. a norwegian man who killed 77 people in july of 2011. he killed 8 with a bombing in downtown streets, then moved to a nearby island where he hunted down and fatally shot 69 people, mostly teenagers attending a summer camp. two officials who have been briefed on the newtown, connecticut shooting say that lanza was one of the top,
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targeting nearby sandy hook elementary school because it was the easiest target with the largest cluster of people. based on evidence they have collected, investigators also believe lanza was acting out the fancies of a video -- fantasies of a video game. sources say lanza also fired some shots at the first police officer to respond. as they moved through the school's parking lot. but unlike the other man who surrendered, lanza killed himself as police closed in, ending the massacre sooner than what was intended. they had not revealed what precisely lead them to the motive, but sources say investigators have found evidence that lanza was obsessed with the swedish guy. they also recovered a trove of video games from the basement of lanza's home. he spent countless hours there alone in a private gaming room with the windows blacked out.
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lanza also made multiple visits to nearby gun ranges with his mother, nancy lanza. they practiced together with actual weapons. three guns all registered to nancy lanza were used in the sandy hook massacre. lanza used a fourth weapon to kill his mother before his attack on the school. police are now reaching out to people in the online gaming community who may have had encounters with lanza to better understand the full scope of what may have motivated him. cbs news, washington. and there is now a face to match the crime. police are asking for your help to catch the man who beat up and raped a woman on the uc santa cruz campus. it happened in the wooded area between the amphitheater and the classroom building. kpix with who they are looking for. kit? >> reporter: well the victim is now out of the hospital. she got beat up pretty bad, but was able to keep her wits about her. because of the sunny weather, she was able to give police a description that had an amazing
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amount of detail. within minutes of completing a suspect sketch, officers began posting flyers at bus stops leading into campus. we saw students following police tips to not walk alone. the mood, shock and fear. >> it happened in the middle of the day. and i think that's something that is really scary. and it is unfair to not be able to like walk around campus by myself. >> reporter: the attack happened at 12:30 yesterday afternoon on a wooded path near the amphitheater. at nearly six feet tall and 200 pounds, the suspect overpowered the victim, raped her, severely beating her in the head and the torso. but she got a good description. the green eyes, dark hair, tattoo on his right shoulder and bicep, a deep voice and he reeked of cigarettes. >> well it's shocking, you know, it's not just suggested crime that does not occur on our campus. it's just that this is not the norm.
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>> reporter: the secluded forest has been tainted in a blink by one man. >> as far as like the safety issue, that kind of takes away from the scenery because you want to be able to enjoy it to go out and to have that happen to their friends and stuff. i have felt safe on campus and now i don't. literally completely changing in one day. >> reporter: and uc santa cruz police have stepped up their patrols as they are reminding students once again to not walk alone at night. to try to walk in pairs if you can and, of course, pay attention to your surroundings. live in santa cruz, kpix5. investigators have tracked down a triple murder suspect in alabama. they say the 46-year-old mark capello killed three people inside a forestville home two weeks ago. a part of a drug deal gone bad. he will be extradited back to sonoma county soon. the teenager who
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disappeared in south lake tahoe on new year's eve died from hypothermia. but the autopsy also reveals that the 19-year-old had drugs in her system, specifically meth. burn was last seen at a music festival at a community college in the area. deputies say she may have tried to walk three miles in the freezing weather to her hotel before her death. a family is temporarily homeless after a 50-foot oak tree crashed into their home. as you can see the roof took a beating. we're told there is major structural damage to the house, but no one was hurt. and right now it is really cold in the bay area and it's about to get wet too. kpix chief meteorologist is tracking the newest storm with the high-def doppler radar. >> first the clouds, then the cold, and now the rainfall. although with the rainfall we had a little bit moving on through earlier. the main rainfall will likely arrive after midnight tonight.
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kpix5 high-def radar is clear right now. some showers near the north bay earlier. that moved inland. let's look at future cast with our computer what they are predicting for the next several hours. see the line of yellow in some orange? steady rainfall likely to impact the morning commute tomorrow. snow levels are going to drop in places like mt. hamilton, likely to get a couple inches of snow in the evening. and snow in the sierra. ski weeks for many school districts. good timing here. we're expecting 4 to 8 inches of new snowfall by tuesday night in the sierra as the snow levels drop and the winds will pick up. we'll talk about how long the rain will stick around and how long the cold will stick around in a few minutes. >> all right, paul, we'll see you then. facebook may want to friend the irs after getting a big tax refund. a whopping $429 million refund for 2012. how did they do it? well a loophole that gives facebook a tax break because of how employees stock options were priced.
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it all comes after the silicone valley company paid nearly $3 billion to who they call the appropriate tax authorities. and for the second time in just two weeks, the governor will be visiting california for some hunting. once again the pray is golden state jobs. kpix 5 sharon chin with a job poaching trip. this time by the governor of iowa. >> reporter: the governor plans to visit california companies that already do business in iowa and urge them to relocate or expand to his state. >> it's a happy hunting ground. they're raising taxes and it's like illinois, you know. there's great opportunities out there. california's got to sign out basically saying like we used to say in the army. if it doesn't move, paint it. and their plan is if it doesn't move, tax it. >> reporter: the republican was asked how he would feel if the democratic governor tried to lure businesses out of iowa. >> he's welcomed to come any
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time he wants to. the last time i saw him in iowa, he came here in december to the farm bureau convention without a coat. most people said this guy, he doesn't have a clue. he was running for president of the united states at that time. this is moon bean jerry brown, you know? [ laughter ] >> reporter: just last week the republican governor rick perry bought radio ads visiting california hoping to lure companies to texas. a campaign they dismissed. as for the iowa governor's visit, brown's spokesman says they are expecting up to 10 inches of snow in iowa on thursday. if i was their governor, i would plan a trip to california too. he says california is leading the nation with 257,000 private sector jobs in the last 12 months. lots of states would love to be as successful. but what they don't realize is you can't poach your way there. and he also said that poaching has not worked. he says studies show california
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has only lost .05% of his jobs to companies moving out of the state. 9,000 jobs compared to california's 18 million. still, the governor says he will travel with two staff members in a trip that will cost $2,500. sharon chin, kp5. taking matters into their own hands. everyday people forced to play paramedics in real life. >> i still kind of don't believe it happened and i didn't really believe what was happening when it was happening. a birthday celebration turns into a nightmare cruise, but would this bay area woman go on another trip courtesy of carnival? ,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland. with so many
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ngs.. it's hard pretty sad sign of the times in oakland with so many shootings. it is hard for the first responders to keep up. well now some ordinary citizens are being trained to step in and help. kpix 5 david jackson on the people's paramedics. >> reporter: in oakland they are overworked and undermanned. both police and paramedics respond to shootings and 911 emergencies. but the victims still often die. sometimes because police, they will not allow the paramedics to enter a dangerous crime scene. that's why they decided to create people's community medics and start saving lives in oakland themselves. >> we thought it would be a good idea if people could learn basic first aid. if they knew how to treat a gunshot wound, or a stabbing or any kind of a serious bleeding trauma like that, that we thought it would help to save people's lives until an ambulance arrives. >> reporter: and the people paramedics has worked well with
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the real paramedics. >> we have a good relationship with them. all we're doing is adding a cushion in between the time that they get there. that's all. and that is basically what we're doing. we're assisting them to add life to our people. >> reporter: the oakland police department is weary of the citizens working at a crime scene. but they agree that saving lives should come first and praises peoples paramedics for training citizens to care and respond. for an organization like this, sometimes their work comes down to simple luck and timing. two months ago there was a shooting right here near the intersection of 61 first and san pueblo avenues. she responded immediately and it is something that is appreciated by the local businesses and the residence. >> and i think that, you know, thank god somebody is willing to step up and help. because if we get to the point where we don't step in and help, then you're going to lose a lot of innocent lives. >> reporter: there is no
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perfect answer to violent crimes, but civilians as paramedics can and often do help. and the idea is now spreading to cities all across the country. in oakland, david jackson, kpix 5. we now know what caused the fire that crippled the carnival cruise shim triumph. the coast guard said it was a leak in the fuel line return line. the oil hit a hot surface that caused a fire stranding more than 4,000 passengers off the coast of mexico last week. one of those passengers was an oakland woman who is back home now and tells kpix 5 the nightmare vacation still haunts her. >> i still kind of don't believe it happened and i didn't really believe what was happening when it was happening. >> reporter: alexis was one of the 4,200 people on board carnival's cruise ship triumph with college friends on what was suppose to be a fun reunion and also her birthday celebration. then came sunday's engine failure. >> so my roommates peeked their heads out in the window and
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there is white smoke billowing. it's like a big fog bank, but acreage smoke that smelled like chemicals and all the plastics in the engine room and the wiring. >> reporter: no electricity. conditions got bad fast. for the rest of the trip, she and her friends slept outside on the boat deck as their om was flooded in sewage and others had it seeping through the walls and the ceilings. >> there was urine coming down in the bathroom and i looked into the last stall and the weight of the urine and the feces and the toilet bowl had broken the toilet off the wall and there was about 18 inches deep of just urine and raw sewage. >> reporter: it was days before they saw land. alexis says that the gravity didn't hit her until she set foot on the driveway in her home in oakland. >> we got home and i was really holding it together. then when we got to the driveway, i just burst into tears and i couldn't stand up and i was in tears for 30 to 40 minutes up in the driveway. >> reporter: carnival cruise line offered all passengers a
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compensation package. she would gladly go on another cruise, but a right one. >> they didn't have contingency plans. they weren't prepared for any type of an emergency. so much of our misery is that they were not organized. and they didn't have systems in place to repair. >> reporter: days later alexis says she still has trouble sleeping. but despite all that, her spirits are high and she knows the true meaning of there's no place like home. in oakland, kpix 5. we have contingency plans for the next 24 hours. yeah, it's called an umbrella. >> there you go. >> you've got to be thinking ahead. >> you may not have needed that umbrella, but you want to think ahead tomorrow. keep your family drive. get your umbrella out of the closet. here's what we've got going on tonight. a chilly day. low 50s for the highs. because we have extra moisture in the air, we're not losing the heat in the air. only a couple degrees cooler. san jose 49. oakland, 50. and livermore at 47. we had some activity just a few
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hours ago on kpix5 high-def radar. now we're getting a low, but trust me, plenty of rainfall coming by the time you go to work or are dropping the kids off tomorrow, it will be raining. we're down 6.25 inches of rainfall. 4 inches in san jose and almost 4 inches in livermore. that's the deficit since the beginning of january. mother nature helping us out a little bit since the focus of our weather has shifted from high pressure moving away from us now with low pressure coming from the gulf of alaska. i drew in the arrows. look at the cold air spilling in from the gulf of alaska. and we've got rainfall tomorrow. that's the only rain chance, solid rain chance for the week. we will be cold and breezy and all week long for you. it'll be feeling like winter outside. here comes the front tomorrow that will bring us the soggy tuesday, the morning commute, wet evening commute, likely wet here as well. and then once that moisture tap moves away, we'll keep the low pressure around, off to the east, enhancing the chilly air from the north. it won't be all that wet. solid rain chance tomorrow.
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we'll talk about how much rain you're going to get. some of you could get a quarter to half an inch of rainfall. the same story for pleasanton. after that our rain will be moving out. snow level dropping tomorrow. watch out for the higher hill tops with a slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. look at the highs. san jose 14 degrees below average. only 51 in sunnyvale. 50 at pleasant hill. and mill valley 50. soggy, chilly, breezy tomorrow. rain moves out, we're still cold on wednesday and thursday. back to 60 on friday. tiny chance of a shower on saturday. it's a chilly pattern, but we could use a whole lot more rainfall. we're getting some tomorrow so take what we can get. >> yes, just take it. >> get the umbrellas. >> hopefully we'll start a trend. >> we're hoping so. coming up, why they are abandoning their plans to
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of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. well they were facing an online on slot of criticism. so the people who make makers
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mark are backing off the plan now to dilute the bourbon. >> kpix 5 mike sugerman on the head spinning marketing blender that might leave makers with a hangover. >> reporter: at first glance it seemed like kind of a dumb idea. maker's mark wanted to get more products out on the shelves. but when you really got into it, it was completely stupid. maker's an old-time bourbon company decided to make more of their products by adding extra water, which would mean less alcohol content among other things. >> lowering it to 45% alcohol to 42% alcohol is not the problem. >> reporter: says jason walker in san francisco. >> i think the flavor profile is the problem. so adding water to it, it's going to change the flavor. >> and they chose to water down the product, i think, in a well intention attempt to keep everybody happy. it was the wrong decision, obviously. >> reporter: marketing guru says it appears that maker's
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didn't want to raise prices to keep it affordable for their customers. but for susie, instead they put their reputation on the rocks. >> i've never tried marker's and i'm not sure i would. >> it is very nice. >> reporter: maybe she would like it watered down a bit too. afterall some people put ice in it and it gets diluted anyway. but it was the decision and the way it was handled that angered people. >> hestly i think it's insulting to the customers. but at the same time, no one would have ever known. >> reporter: realizing their mistake, maker's mark apologized in a tweet and reversed their decision, which could turn the whole thing around. >> they really showed themselves to be the sort of company that consumers love, humbled, accessible, willing to admit a mistake. and you know this resonates with people. >> reporter: no matter which way, the whole escapade no doubt releases their mark ever.
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mike sugerman, kpix5. straight ahead an nba iconic owner is gone. and in phoenix, what goes up must come down. we'll try to explain this. ,,,, for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely.
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i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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oday after a lengt . jerry buss the owner of the los angeles lakers passed away today after a lengthy battle with cancer. the corner stone of the late glamour team was 80 years old. for the first time in four years the giant's pitcher not named tim lincecum will start on opening day. matt cain will get the call on april 1 against the dodgers in los angeles.
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and i got it, i got it, no i don't. that was at the a's today in phoenix. fly ball trouble in spring training. later on, yeah, bob melvin said that they were shooting knucklers. not entirely the player's fault. they said that the cal's coach should be suspended after a scrimmage during last night's comeback win against ufc. no punishment has come from cal. women's hoops. brittany at number three. uconn trying to reach the 3,000 points after scoring here in overtime. winning it 76-70. and it is never good to get hit in the manzo. that's new jersey's team taking on the courtesy of the senators. a whole new meaning to the high signal. we'll see you at 11:00.


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